Meet The Leadership Team


Arlene L. Connelly - President & CEO


Arlene L. Connelly- is the Founder, President & CEO of ISEE GROUP, LLC, an International Human Development Company, which focuses on building healthy relationships and strengthening families. Our vision is to enhance the individual and collective relationship potential amongst individuals and families. We provide Consultation, Training, Coaching and Transformational  Events & Experiences that focused on Igniting in individuals the Spirit to Excel in Excellence. 

Arlene L. Connelly is a Life Enrichment Strategist and Servant Leader; who has dedicated over 25 years providing executive leadership, management, supervisory and administrative experiences in non-profit and higher education; serving adults, at-risk youth, families and under served populations. A creative visionary who designs, develops, manage and evaluate programs. 

She is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker/Trainer & Coach; Organizational and Leadership Development Professional; Healthy Relationships and Family Strengthening Coach; Career & Positive Youth Development Specialist, a Certified Global Career Development Facilitator and Writer. 

Arlene is driven, focused and steadfast in her walk with God, she has transformed pain into triumph and adversity into opportunity. A sought-after speaker who is not afraid to, “Tell It Like It Is”, she is committed to motivating, coaching, and inspiring youth, adults and groups to assume their power, position and promise. Arlene is a mother to a beautiful daughter and a guiding light to countless people seeking mentoring, guidance and love.



Zakiya N. Becca - is the Vice-President of 

ISEE Group, LLC.  


Zakiya Becca is an Activist who is committed to advocating for human rights. She is a creative and artistic person who welcomes opportunities to make a difference and is devoted to being an active and caring global citizen. 

A graduate of Florida International University, with a degree in  Communication Arts and Women & Gender Studies, she values communication and how it impacts the world around her.  

Zakiya is passionate about highlighting and addressing violence against women and girls in America and abroad. She is a leader who mediates, counsels, and advises her peers. Zakiya is known for being dramatic, bold and a person who believes in compassionate and fierce honesty. 


Women on a Mission -Joy and Excitement

ISEE Group LLC, a team of like minded individuals who are passionate about the development, growth, and strengthening of  relationships and families.


We are a group of organizational and leadership development professionals who bring over 25 years of experiences in serving adults, youth and families; helping people elevate to their highest level of excellence. 

Our experiences gained in Business, Higher Education, Non-Profit & Faith-based Organizations; plus over 15 years in Human Resources provides us with a well rounded and unique abilities.   

We Ignite vision, uncover potential, develop strategy and deliver solutions for transformational growth.