Reclaiming the Fathers Event

An Enriching Experience for the Whole Family!

Honor & Celebrate: Fathers, Family & Faith

A Day of Enrichment for ALL!


Honor & Celebrate Fathers!



This nature center and park is home to 1,500-plus-acre coastal mangrove wetland. 

Let Your Daddy Lift You Up - Healing Daddy Issues

Daddy Void

The absence of a father can leave - insecurities, emotional difficulties, and deep fears of rejection and abandonment...

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Healing is Here!

Time to fully surrender, unpack, release and finally "let go" of the pain, anger and unforgiveness buried deep in our souls...

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Allow Yourself to be LIFTED UP!

Experience the healthy, loving , vibrant relationships you desire in every area of your lives... 

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ISEE Group, LLC is an emerging Human Development Company whose mission is: “Restoring the Vision for Vibrant Relationships, Thriving Families & Stronger Communities."  We provide Consultation, Training, Coaching and Transformational Events & Experiences focused on Igniting in Individuals the Spirit to Excel in Excellence. 

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What We Do


Our Relationships & Families Matter

Our relationships and families are the core of our lives.

ISEE Group seeks to bridge the disconnect within families, foster healing, and restore the joy and love found in each other.

Through a collaborative approach, ISEE Group LLC, seeks to support the building of vibrant relationships,  thriving families, and stronger communities.

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Relationship & Family Commitment

 Through engagement with ISEE Group, you are connecting with a support network of dedicated and experienced professionals who value family and relationships. Together we coach you in building your relationships and family on a solid foundation, equip you with the tools to thrive, and ignite the joy of togetherness. 

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Let's Get together

Do you agree that time spent with those we love leaves an imprint?  

The most valuable resource we have is time. Are you seeking opportunities to reconnect with what matters most? 

Experience Transformational Events that will Empower you to infuse fun, laughter, abundant joy, and strengthen the bonds that support you when navigating through life’s challenges. 

Events, Activities & Opportunities